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Coaldale Granite Club

COVID-19 Policy 2020


This document has been prepared for the Coaldale Granite Club based on the guidance provided by Alberta Health Service, Curling Canada, Curling Alberta and Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (SPAR) Branch available at the date of publication. It may be updated as new guidance becomes available. The health of our members, employees, volunteers and guests is of utmost importance to the Club. By following this policy, we ensure that we can protect health while enjoying the game of curling.


Before Entering the Building

Registration & Waivers

This year we have updated the Waiver to include Covid-19 clauses. We have also added a Declaration of Compliance with respect ot Covid-19. Both of these documents must be completed online or signed in person prior to curling.

All Curlers must register and complete the waivers before they can curl. We prefer to have registration and waivers completed online. If a curler is unable to complete the registration and waivers online, they must complete a physical registration and waiver prior to curling.

COVID-19 Daily Questionnaire

All Curlers must verify that they have completed the AHS Covid-19 Daily Questionnaire and that the answer to all questions is “no” before proceeding past the sanitation station at the entry of the building. At the sanitation station there will be a list of the curlers scheduled to curl that day. By initialling the box beside their name, they are acknowledging that they have answered no all of the questions on the AHS Covid-19 daily questionnaire. This is also our way of recording who was in the building for a given draw.

If there are spares curling who are not on the list, they can be added to the list. The spare curler will have to have a signed waiver and declaration on file, or sign them before proceeding onto the ice.

COVID-19 Tracking

Our registration at the entry of the club will serve as our tracking document for who was in the building at a given date/time. If someone tests positive, they are not required to notify the club. AHS will work with the individual and determine what contact tracing is necessary. The Curling Club will cooperate with AHS with respect to any requests. These tracking documents will be kept for 2 years.

Mask Use

AHS recommends that Masks be worn unless you are actively curling or seated at a table in the lounge. There is not a legal requirement to wear a mask in the Club as this time. We ask that members respect the choices of other members regarding mask use.

Building Safety

Cleaning Protocol

High Touch Point Cleaning Procedures

Hourly Cleaned High touch points are:

High Touch Points Cleaned before or after each use:

Curling Rocks will be sanitized between every draw.

High Touch Points that have been removed

Some high touch points have been removed or disabled to reduce the spread and reduce the cleaning requirements. These are:

Movement through the facility

Front Door to Lobby

The main West Doors are the only public entrance/exit. The South door to be used for entry only, North door for exit only.

Curlers should come dressed to curl except for their shoes. They will proceed directly to the changing area/table designated for their team. They will change their shoes and wait there for their turn to enter the ice area. Curlers should arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to their game time. If they so wish, curlers may sit in the lounge prior to their game time and arrive sooner than 15 minutes prior to their game time.

Curlers may leave their non-curling belongings at their changing area/table, or in their locker, or they may bring them with them into the ice area. If they bring them into the ice area, they should be in a bag or container to ensure that dirt is not tracked into the ice area.

The Draw will not be posted at the club. Please arrive knowing what time and on which sheet you will be curling.

Lobby to Lounge

The South door will be used for entry only, North door for exit only. These doors will be kept propped open.

Lobby to Lockers

Access to the lockers will be provided only for accessing the lockers, the locker area is not to be used for changing clothing or shoes. Lockers should only be used to store brooms, shoes and jackets.

Lobby to Ice and starting the game

There is only one door, so it will be used for both entry and exit. Games will start from opposite ends and start at the same time. Odd sheets will start from the home (North) end; even sheets will start from the away (South) end. This will reduce congestion as games start, and throughout the game as generally adjacent sheets will be curling in opposite directions.

Leaving the Ice Area

Once the game is over, the teams will exit the ice area maintaining physical distancing with the teams still playing. They will proceed to their designated changing area to change their shoes, before proceeding to the lounge, lockers, or exit.


Loaner Equipment

Limited sliders and brooms will be available for use. They will be sanitized after each use. Junior curlers will have designated equipment and it will be sanitized after each use. Members can discuss with the Manager using the same loaner equipment for the season, so that it doesn’t need to be sanitized after each use. Members should store this equipment in their personal locker.


Curlers are encouraged to bring their own sanitizing wipes to clean the rock handles prior to use. Curling Club staff or volunteers will sanitize the rock handles prior to each game.

Curlers are asked not to clean the bottom of the rocks with their bare hand. Please use your broom or a glove

Measuring Devices

The following procedure should be completed for measuring:

Ice Making

If ice maintenance equipment is going to be used by someone other than the head ice maker, it will be sanitized before and after use.

Playing the Game

Games will be played based on the Curling Canada Guidelines for Physically Distant Curling. These modifications allow us to curl with limited restrictions. Here is a summary of how the game will proceed:

This will allow the players from the other team to move into position for the next shot.

After the Game:

Spectators & Guests

Spectators and Guests are allowed in the Club. Spectators and Guests are required to maintain physical distancing from all curlers not in their Family Cohort, unless they are seated at a table. We ask that they make way for the curlers as they move through the club.

AHS recommends that spectators wear masks. Cheering and yelling is strongly discouraged as it presents a high risk of spreading droplets.

Spectators are not permitted to enter the ice area.

Ice Rentals & Practice Ice

There will be limited availability for ice rentals, based on the size of the group and the availability of staff/volunteers. Contact the Manager for more information

Practice Ice availability will be limited. Contact the Manager to schedule.


Bonspiels can be played, and our members can play in bonspiels at other clubs, provided that they remain physically distant with all other players. If a league team has formed a team cohort and that same team plays in a bonspiel, they do not have to remain physically distant from each other.

Junior Curling Program

Lounge/Food Services

Lounge and Food Services will follow the guidance from AHS for Restaurants and Bars. Some of the key elements are listed here:

Here is a link the the AHS Guidance for Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs & Bars: link


If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the Club Manager, or a Board Member. David Drysdale, Club Manager 403-345-4742

Paul Neufeldt, Club President 403-405-2406